About Us

Cartel International Is a Company That Sells the Finest Quality Hemp Cigars & THC Products & Cannabis Cigars,

Formed and Born Right Here in the USA.

Every business has its own story to tell. Our story; “One that has been going on for generations, we know elements that are difficult to understand with a short timeline.” We have inherited family values. They’ll continue to be passed down to our children for generations.



What we do


100% USA Grown Hemp

We use only the freshest and most carefully cultivated hemp to ensure an excellent experience for all customers.

High-quality Hand Rolled Cigars

We only use authentic hemp leaf to hand roll our one-of-a-kind full-flavored, robust mini and Corona-sized one. Dissimilar to other cigars, we use NO tobacco or nicotine, which will give you an incredible and unforgettable smoking experience.

One of the great achievements we pride ourselves is our house-rolled cigars. We grow these in the United States, and they are internationally renowned for their quality and taste.


Natural Ingredients

We’re strictly selective about the ingredients used in our products, which is why they are all organic. Even though our process is always triple inspected, and it’s worth it with your health in mind.

Directors & Officers

Background of Officers and Directors 

Philip Moreb – CEO and Director

Mr. Moreb brings over 25 years of professional experience in developing emerging startup companies in the competitive world of business development, product design, and marketing. He has been a driving force in the continued growth of marketing technology where tomorrow’s technology is often old and where continually changing design and products made specifically for marketing are a necessity in business everywhere. Mr. Moreb has marketed to secured Fortune 500 companies such as the Wynn Encore Casino in Las Vegas, UPS Corporate in Atlanta, Marriott Hotels in southern CA, and others. In addition, he has consulted on numerous design projects with Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, Palm Springs Police Department, and SWAT division, Palm Springs.
As CEO, Mr. Moreb is dedicated to creating Cartel’s successful business model by providing years of business development experience, advanced components of design experience, scientific knowledge, experimentation, and specific marketing expertise. The development and success of the company will require dedication and commitment as well as the ability to provide superior hemp-derived CBD, and marijuana smokable products. His strategic plans include developing consumer demand by setting up wholesale and retail sales channels for the company’s numerous products. Advertising and marketing will be essential to the overall business plan when reaching out to an increasingly large captive audience for the nationwide wholesale and retail customer base demanding these specialized, luxury products.
Mr. Moreb holds a Bachelor of Business (1986) from William Howard Taft University.


Phillip La Rocca – President

Judge Phillip La Rocca, Ret. has dedicated his life to the representation of the Justice system in the United States and other Countries and brings over 40 years experience as a general practice attorney, deputy district attorney, and Municipal/Superior Court Judge in Riverside County, California. He was born in Newark New Jersey and currently resides in Rancho Mirage, California.

Judge La Rocca received his Southwestern University Law degree in 1965 and served as an attorney in General Practice from 1966 – 2015. He served as Deputy District Attorney of Riverside County, CA from 1970- 1972 prosecuting many cases, and served as Judge of Municipal/Superior Court, Riverside County from 1976 -1996. He was an Associate Professor of Law at the off-campus site at Chapman University and served as an educator in various judicial seminars in Armenia, Georgia, Prague, Slovenia, and Baku as a legal liaison for the American Bar Association in Azerbaijan.

As Director of Cartel Blue, Inc., Judge La Rocca will give guidance to the Board of Directors toward building a strong, ethical business operation as well as the quality of the products sold.


Bridget Moreb – Director

Ms. Bridget Moreb, is a Director for CARTEL. She has successfully built her skills in Customer facing satisfaction in the restaurant and retail industries. She had worked her way from field store support to Management of Operations for multiple retail chains in Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs metropolitan areas. Additionally, she has been involved in the growth of local eateries in high end restaurants in Palm Desert, CA. Her skills in these areas are valuable as we continue growing our Hubs and facilities. Bridget is now focused on Design and Event Strategies for shows and Consumer Events. Bridget has made the Deans List each year at College of the Desert, and will graduate with honors in Business Administration and Marketing.


Timothy C Roegge

As a visionary, Tim Roegge had always been interested in the cannabis and hemp industry along with the many possibilities it could and would bring about headed into the future. As these thoughts continued to be consistent he decided to take an early retirement from his previous business position in Illinois and head to California, where medical cannabis was legal under prop 215 Sb420. He then put his focus, knowledge, and expertise to work. Tim rapidly obtained the resources and the knowledge needed to start his own Collective and brand, {The Buzz Hut & California Sap} this was the first high scale CO2 extraction process which positioned the company as the standard for the cannabis industry Today. With more than 50 awards in many competitions, Tim’s company recognition increased tremendously giving him the opportunity to partner with different characters of the American culture such as Juju Marley, among many others to create cannabis premium brands and increasing their participation in the rising cannabis industry as we know it today. Never losing focus or concern about the people in need of this medicine, he built his daily operation around giving back and continual education programs to spread the word on such an amazing plant medicine and to insure that every person in his reach could have access along with the education to it regardless of their financial circumstance. Tim, being (a Visionary, Free Thinking type of person) He continued to partner and consult with other like minded business persons to build and form many different businesses and extraction facilities over the past
few years:
● {The Healing Cabinet} which was a non-profit with its main focus being on seed to sale.
● {Natural Ventures} Complete buildout of Indoor Grow, Kitchen, Extraction, Dispensaries and Packaging Facilities in Puerto Rico.
● {Desert Zen} Packaging And Distribution
● {Palm Springs} Consulted on Build Outs for Dispensaries and other extraction facilities such as Kings garden and more.
● {Cathedral City} Consulted and Worked for Chemesis LLC, of Puerto Rico on many extraction facilities in the area as well as Completed two Large Extraction Facilities including a complete buildout, compliance, hired all personnel required to be up and running for Chemesis.
● Is a partner at Kiely Growth and Management in Cathedral City CA.


Nowadays, Tim is currently working for Music City Botanicals where he holds the position of Director and has formed a partnership with Cartel Blue.

Tim has maintained Long-standing business professional and personal relationships with many industry legends and leaders in the cannabis movement, primarily on the West coast, who were instrumental in my education and functioned as guides for me during the transitioning legal movements of the era:

  • Dennis Perone, Co-Founder of the first Cannabis Buyers Club in the early 1980s, co-authored Proposition 215 “The Compassionate Use Act of 1996,” Senate Bill 34, the Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Act to allow for the distribution of free cannabis for charitable purposes.
  • Michael Grafton (AKA ‘Grand Daddy Mike’), trained as a Clinical Psychologist, now a venture humanist involved in grassroots political organizing and the responsible integration of medical marijuana into our evolving culture, consultant and pioneer of the cannabis frontier.
  • Tommy Chong, actor, writer, director, musician, cannabis rights activist and comedian, marijuana-themed “Cheech & Chong” comedy albums and movies, Tommy Chong brand dispensaries Steve DeAngelo, dubbed “The Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry,” cannabis rights activist and advocate for cannabis reform; Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Harborside, Inc., a publicly traded company on the Canadian Securities Exchange.
  • Ed Rosenthal, columnist for High Times Magazine, horticulturist, author, publisher and cannabis grower, industry leader in developing policies of civil regulation for medicinal marijuana.
  • Weed Warriors, a veteran’s cannabis outreach program; National Football League (NFL); Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Richard Moore – Financial Executive & CPA Consultant

Richard Moore, CPA, JD brings over 35 years of accounting, tax, assurance, CFO and legal experience to his role as outside CPA and advisor to Cartel Blue, Inc. Rick graduated cum laude from the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond, where he also served as sports editor of the University paper. Rick worked for two international accounting firms, KPMG and Arthur Andersen. Rick received his J.D. from University of Baltimore Law School, where he was a Law Foundation Scholar. After practicing law with his father, focusing on tax and estate planning as well as immigration law, and earning numerous awards for client service, in 2016, Rick started his own accounting and tax CPA practice, Insight Accounting and CFO Services. In January 2020, he merged Insight with Tax Experience, owned by Wade Kennedy. Wade and Rick provide tax and advisory services to many business owners, as well as several publicly traded companies.
Rick lives just north of Baltimore, MD with his wife, teenage daughter, their Golden Retriever, Sugar, and feline daughter, Winnie. Rick enjoys golf, travel, the beach, music and Ravens football.


Mr. Karan KLER – Director of International Operations